SVP 1833 is a new conference of the Irish SVP run by young people. It's work is focused currently in Dublin with some of society's most marginalised groups: deprived children and teenagers, isolated elderly, and unrecognised refugees and asylum seekers.

There is a huge social element at the heart of this conference that makes it both enjoyable and hugely addictive. If you've never volunteered with SVP before, you're hugely welcome. If you have, then we urge you to make SVP something you do, as opposed to something you once did. E-mail us at and I promise you that you will not regret it.

We're looking forward to meeting you!


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And Here's What's Coming Up...

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SVP 1833 Think-In

So we're having an SVP Think-In in my place on Good Friday - the aim of it will be to plan the coming year, set out some goals that each of us would like us to achieve; set out some strategys of achieving those goals, and also to elect a new secretary as Niall is leaving us in early June. If you've no ideas or aims for the coming year in SVP 1833, we still need you there - you'll have a unique prospective to bring to some of the issues that arise I've no doubt :) 

As it's Good Friday, we can make it into a bit of an all-day event, bit of a session, so feel free to bring booze! If you're drinking, remember to buy stuff the day before!

Would love to see each of you there!



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